Minecraft 1.12.2

Minecraft is a popular game that focuses on creativity, building, exploring, and surviving

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Minecraft 1.12.2
Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft is a unique video game that combines open-world exploration, survival strategies, and player creativity. The world is made of blocks for a pixelated effect, and dangerous beasts emerge into the world at night. You can play with others online or build your own solo adventure with any structure you can imagine.

Over the years, Minecraft has changed quite a bit. However, the core essence of the game has remained the same. When you start a new game, you are dropped into a world that has been partially generated at random. In this world, you can mine materials by digging for them one block at a time. When you start the game, you only have your hands to work with, but you can use your hands to obtain wood from trees.

Once you've collected enough wood, you can make sticks and planks. This allows you to build a workbench and a shelter to protect you from the outside world. On your workbench, you can make more advanced tools and items. You'll eventually get to the point where you can create metal armor, weapons, and tools via smelting. All of these items are designed to help your survive and control the world around you.

The basic mode of the game is called Survival mode, and it's in this mode that you'll face dangerous monsters once the sun has set. It is possible to fight them, but you'll be better off taking shelter until daybreak. You can also play in the much more straightforward Creative mode that removes the threats so you can focus on building. Many younger players like to play in this mode since it gives them the freedom to create in a totally stress-free environment. Any child that enjoys building things out of blocks or LEGOs will enjoy the creative elements of Minecraft. Children can also enjoy Survival mode since it's rated for everyone.

One of the hallmarks of Minecraft is that you aren't given any details about what you can or should do in the game. Almost nothing is explained, so you have to discover most things on your own. Fortunately, there is a vast online network of players who have created numerous online tutorials and Wikis for the game. If you take the time to look through these resources, you'll see that Minecraft is much deeper than many would imagine. The sense of freedom that you feel when playing Minecraft is hard to find from other games.

The graphics of the game are strangely beautiful despite their obvious simplicity. It gives a sense of looking into an 8-bit video game world brought to life in 3D. Far-away landscapes are gorgeous in their detail, and watching the sun as it rises and sets is quite calming. Mining is made easier by the blocky nature of the world since it makes identifying materials faster and more intuitive. A basic soundtrack cycles through the day and night timeframe, and the game has basic sound effects that mirror the simplicity and efficiency of the visual graphics.


  • Highly Creative Premise
  • Large Environments
  • Total In-Game Freedom


  • Some Connection Issues
  • No In-Game Tutorials

Minecraft is an open-world survival adventure - starting with next to nothing, you will harvest the materials of the surrounding world to equip yourself and build shelter. Once you establish some safety, you can set about building to your heart's content. Want to build a castle? A village? A replica of the Starship Enterprise? Go ahead – the sky is the limit.

The entire world is composed of blocks of different materials and nearly anything can be broken down or harvested with the right tools. Once you gather a block of something, you can place it wherever you like. If you chop away several trees worth of wood, you will have the material to plunk that same wood down and build a cabin. Certain tools and devices that can be assembled by combining blocks in your inventory or at a workbench allow you to create more complex or unusual materials - heating sand in a furnace will produce glass, for example. With enough determination and harvested material, you will be building castles and glorious statues to commemorate your greatness in no time.

Unlike the optional creative mode, where you have access to any block in the game in limitless quantities and the world is your playground, the normal survival play mode will pit you and your projects against hostile forces. The world of Minecraft is full of monsters and environmental dangers like zombies and lava. Delving deep into the earth will confront you with dark caverns and mines full of lurking enemies, including ever more valuable blocks, dungeons, fortresses and rewards untold. You will forge and arm yourself with more and more powerful weapons and armor, enchant them to take you to even greater heights of power and fight back against a hostile world to cut out your own little slice of peace and prosperity. In the pursuit of ever more complex materials and greater challenges, you might assemble a portal to the infernal Nether, or take it a step further and activate a portal to The End and face off against the game's big bad, the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft is a game about creativity pitted against a world of destructive forces, survival through ingenuity and giving your imagination form. Whether you play the creative mode or the default survival mode, there's something in the game for most players to enjoy. Determination, strategy and invention all have a chance to shine in Minecraft.


  • Open-world adventure
  • Player affected, destructible terrain
  • Freedom to create, from humble huts to epic nations
  • Varied world settings
  • Multiple game modes for different tastes


  • Takes a while to feel like you are making progress
  • Can be difficult or frustrating for more casual players
  • Crafting system tends to be confusing without guides

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